New Gerber Dime Travel

Gerber Dime Travel 1It amused me when I breezed into the Gerber Legendary Blades booth at SHOT Show 2015 and stepped up to one of their new product displays.  Above a micro multi-tool was a card that contained the text, “Safe and Approved for Carry-On/Airplane Travel.”  A passenger in my very backpack was the Leatherman Style PS that had been my companion in the cabin of our flight from back East.  Hmmmm, competition.

Gerber’s Dime Travel is their new version of the standard Dime tool.  Lacking a blade, the Dime Travel will look up through the X-Ray machine at the TSA operator and grin!  While there is no knife, the Dime Travel does have these useful implements:

Regular & Needlenose Pliers
Wire Cutter
Bottle Opener
Medium & Small Flathead Drivers
Zipper Hook
Fine & Course File

Gerber Dime Travel 2 Gerber Dime Travel 3 Gerber Dime Travel 4 Gerber Dime Travel 5Much like rival tools, the Travel is small at 2.8″ closed.  It weighs 2.2 ounces.  Still, when the handles are rotated around to open, the Dime Travel has enough bite to complete reasonable chores in its pliers.  My sample seemed rugged for its scale.

Gerber Dime Travel 6 Gerber Dime Travel card

All the tools snap out smartly and the pliers and scissors are spring-loaded.  I think a regular knife blade was replaced with the Travel’s zipper hook, which Gerber says, “…attaches to a broken luggage zipper for troubleshooting while traveling.”

The TSA-approved Gerber Dime Travel will be touching down at retailers later this year at an MSRP of $24.99.

by Wilson


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