Leatherman Style PS Beats TSA

imageTSA vanquished!  My Leatherman Style PS sailed through the security scan without producing warning alarms or raised Threatcon levels while on my way to SHOT Show 2015 in Las Vegas.  In my previous article we discussed the Style’s TSA-compliant reputation.

Considering this multi-tool’s diminutive footprint, it is little wonder it attracted no undue attention.  I used the Style’s carabiner-type clip to hang it on from some paracord that held my car keys inside my backpack.

When the Style PS arrived, it was smaller than I had expected, but once I began plaing with it, I found it to be quite useful.  The entire tool is sturdy. The pliers, which are the main function, work well indeed.  They are spring loaded and have a solid feel.  The Style has a small set of scissors, a nail file that doubles as a screwdriver bit, and metal tweezers.


If a modest multi-tool like this is something you may need when traveling by air, try the Leatherman Style PS.

by Wilson


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