Hogue EX-F03 Neck Knives Have Arrived

imageThe Hogue EX-F03 is available at some outlets now.  I saw the hawkbill on a site for about $60.00.  I first viewed the prototypes for these knives at last year’s Blade Show.  These production models have the same basic profiles and construction as the ones I was able to hold.  One difference was that the protos had a really dark stonewashed or tumbled finish.  That made them striking.  I would love to see the particular treatment on future production EX-F03’s.  Below are the prototypes I photographed.

hogue ex-f03imageI can tell you that despite their small size, the finger grooves and thumb shelves give them a solid feel in the hand.  The clip point may be a better all around utility knife, but the hawkbill has a very martial look to it.  My wallet is groaning already.

by Wilson

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