White River Knife & Tool’s Knucklehead Knife

White River KnuckleheadMatt Cammenga, one of the owners of White River Knife & Tool, showed me their handy little Knucklehead neck knife.  Heck, he even played gaffer and provided some lighting support, saying he was something of a photographer himself.  Thanks, man!

White River Knives are Made in the USA.  Matt said their intent was to make knives here at home with high quality materials and offer them at a low price point.  Two of their models, the Knucklehead and Backpacker, come in at under $100.00 MSRP.

Most of White River’s knives, like the Knucklehead, are made with CPM S30V stainless steel.  A few of their hunters come in 52100 High Carbon steel and Fillet knives are 440C.  Though the Knucklehead is bare, other offerings have fine wood handles or 550 paracord wrapping.  Custom Kydex or USA-made leather sheaths are model specific.

KnuckleheadThe Knucklehead was billed by Matt as an EDC knife that can perform chores or self-defense in an ultralight package.  I don’t think the knife itself weighed much more than two ounces.  The 2.875″ blade is chisel ground and hardened to 60 HRC.  The index finger hole and long top section of jimping make wielding the knife a snap.  That small tab you see in the rear hole allows it to open a frosty bottle, as well.  Truly a useful tool!  Oh, yeah, you can buy one for just $65.00.

by Wilson

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