DJ Urbanovsky’s Boker Plus Colubris

IMG_3333I somehow stumbled across knifemaker DJ Urbanovsky’s work on the Internet a few years ago.  DJ builds knives under the name American Kami, a kami being a Nepalese khukri maker.  It is out of his respect for their work that he named his business back in 2004.  DJ’s website is filled with mesmerizing photos of his truly unique designs, which have elements of far-off fantasy and functionality.

In conversing with DJ at Blade Show, I found out that he, too, had a collaboration with a “big maker,” much like Jason Brous.  He said it was for his Colubris model.  DJ had just done a semi-custom production run of Colubris’ that he called Mid-Techs.  This partnership with the large manufacturer would bring his design out at a lower price point.

Trouble was, after I excitedly talked to him, I promptly forgot which manufacturer was producing his work.  Not wanting unveil my lack of journalistic prowess (somehow forgot I had a notepad in that moment), I decided it was probably just one of the big boys with a full booth.  It was kind of comical as I trolled around peering into cases, talking to blank faced reps, and coming up intel-empty.  Then I saw it at Boker–a unmistakable prototype of the DJ’s Colubris.  Thank goodness!

IMG_3332 copySince I had gotten to hold one of his American Kami Colubris’ at the table, I felt I could make a fair comparison between the custom and production models.  The Boker proto was visually a true doppelganger to the original.  I was told at Boker that the new model would be made of tumbled 3/16th” 440C and have OD green G10 scales.  Even the handle bolts and AK logo pattern in the scales are the same styles as on the American Kami version.

IMG_3334 IMG_3335

AK Colubris

AK Colubris Mid-Techs

General dimensions for the Colubris are a 4.29″ blade, 8.90″ overall length, and an 8.0 ounce heft.  The rep said the Boker Plus Colubris would be shipping in mid-July at a price of under $200.00 MSRP.  I saw them preliminarily listed for about half that cost at an on-line retailer.

I highly recommend surfing over to the American Kami website and taking in some of DJ Urbanovsky’s inspiring knives, axes, hammers, swords, and impact weapons.  Titanium sporks?  Yep, he makes those as well.

by Wilson

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