Dewar’s Signature Review

Dewar's SignatureWith an upcoming landmark birthday approaching, I have been searching for a bottle of scotch to purchase.  My heart is currently set on a 30 year Glenfiddich.  While perusing my local establishment, I made friends with the owner who currently has a bottle priced for $327.99.  During our initial meeting, he provided me with any early birthday gift, a sample bottle of Dewar’s Signature.

Dewar’s Signature has been categorized as a Hyper-Premium Blended Scotch Whiskey that is among the company of Johnnie Walker Blue as well as Chivas Regal Royal Salute and has been said to rival some other well-aged single malt scotch’s.  Signature was developed by Dewar’s sixth Master Blender Tom Aitken.  While no age statement is made on the bottle, I have read that many believe a 27 year old Aberfeldy to be at the heart of this rich blend of superb distilleries.

Dewars lists that “there are over 160 years of blending traditions in every bottle of Dewar’s Signature Blended Scotch Whisky.  Carefully layered from the rarest whiskies from each of Scotland’s whiskies regions.”  After the whiskies are blended together they are then barreled again for a second time in oak casks and allowed to age.  This process of double barrel aging is said to allow the complex flavors that have been joined together an opportunity to continue to age and “harmonize” making the final product smoother.  Dewar’s describes Signature as their: “richest, fullest, and smoothest creation.”

The presentation of Dewar’s Signature is quite handsome.  The 750ml bottle comes in a hardwood felt lined box.  The stopper is made of natural cork and is adorned with a wooden cap.  The sample bottle I acquired also boasts a wooden cap and natural cork. Each bottle is serialized and stamped.  At around $200 per bottle ($189.99 at my local liquor store), Signature claims to be a savvy alternative to “Blue”.

The tasting notes are as follows:

Color: Golden amber.

Nose:  Sweet, fruity and mellow with hints of honey and vanilla.  A second nosing reveals rich toffee and caramel.

Palate:  Sweet and creamy with overtones of vanilla, caramel, and honey.  While exploring these flavors I experience a full bodied velvet texture in my mouth.

Finish:  A dry subtle finish with a slight hint of oak on the back of my palate.  The finish is smooth and the warmth stays with my palate and does not fill my chest.

All in all this is a fine scotch and what I would expect from a name like Dewar’s.  I appreciate the attention to detail that Dewar’s provides in its presentation and the addition of a hardwood box.  I thoroughly enjoyed the scotch, however, for the price I don’t see myself running out to the store to purchase another bottle.  It should be noted that my average bottle price typically hovers around $100.

Make sure to stay tuned for a review of the Glenfiddich 30 toward the beginning of July.

by Daniel

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