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Guardian Tactical HelixGuardian Tactical, Inc. bills themselves as “Superior Knife Manufacturing.”  You have already seen their prowess in making Rat Worx’ knives.  At Blade Show, I actually visited Guardian Tactical before Rat Worx and the Guardian guys urged me to go right over to see the “steampunk” Nautilus, of which they were very proud.

Andy Buerk is a design engineer with Guardian Tactical.  He said their knives are 100% Made in the USA with nearly all the components constructed in their Emporium, PA, shop.  The HELIX is their flagship model.  It is robust, but tips the scale at just 4 ounces.  He was jazzed about their unique CNC blade grinds.  The HELIX blade has both flat and hollow grinds milled with precision on Guardian Tactical’s machines.

Guardian Tactical

Guardian Tactical lock bar Guardian Tactical clipAnother Guardian Tactical model I examined was their Patron, with its modified tanto grind and unique facets on the sides of the blade.  The Patron is also available as a fixed blade with a G-10 handle.

Guardian Tactical Patron Guardian PatronGuardian Tactical brought some custom Mini-HELIX’s knives to the show.  The one at the bottom I examined was hand ground by Walter Brend.  Needless to say, it was definitely a work of art.

Guardian Tactical Mini Helix Mini Helix Reverse Guardian Tactical Mini Helix Walter Brend Mini Helix Walter Brend bladeThe fit and finish of all the Guardian Tactical knives was unbelievable.  Their knives are Made in the USA to be used–and hard.  The base HELIX folder model sells at $325.00  The Patron folder starts at $275.00, and the fixed blade is $269.00.  If you wanted a Walter Brend-ground custom, you needed to bring $1,200.00 to the Blade Show!

by Wilson

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6 Responses to Guardian Tactical Knives

  1. Hugh says:

    I recently purchased the Carbon Fiber Helix. It really is all they say it is. It is incredibly smooth, every detail crafted to perfection. What is so unique to Guardian Tactical folders is the handles. They have that slight swell on each side that fills the hand to perfection. This detail ads a great deal of time, cost and attention to detail. After buying the Helix I immediatly sold 3 of my similar priced folders. The detent is perfect, the blade is so smooth is settles gently back into the handle effortlessly once you move the lock bar with stainless incert over. I really think my quest for the perfect tactical flipper is finally over.


  2. Pbguy says:

    Wow, the blade is really smooth. I once had a Guardian Tactical knife but lost it in the woods =( Anyway, although the price is high, GT knifes really worth every penny!


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  4. Jimmy Erbe says:

    I have one of the Walter Brand grind helix #5 for sale $800.00


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