IWI TAVOR Tactical Folding Knife

IWI Tavor Folding KnifeIWI, Israeli Weapons Industries, Inc, is the firearms branch of the Israeli Military Industries.  IWI is responsible for such iconic guns as the UZI, GALIL, and now the TAVOR.  IWI has joined with Guardian Tactical, Inc. to produce a knife that goes along with their bullpup military and police rifle, the TAVOR.  The knife is called the IWI TAVOR Tactical Combat folding knife.

The TAVOR knife’s G-10 handle is similar in design to Guardian’s Helix line, but the blade definitely different.  This knife has a tanto-style grind, where the Helix is a mix of flat and hollow grinds.  If you’ll remember from my previous article on the Helix, Guardian Tactical uses CNC mill technology to not only shape the blade’s profile, but the grinds, too.

IWI credits Andy Buerk with facilitating the design.  I met Andy at SHOT Show and I can tell you that he is both an technician and artist.  Come to think of it, I shot the TAVOR at the show and handled the Guardian Tactical Helix, as well.  Both are rich designs and functional far beyond their charismatic appearances.  I would say they go well together.  Here is what IWI says:

“The IWI Tavor® Tactical Combat folding knife is manufactured in Pennsylvania by Guardian Tactical, in an impressive collaboration between the U.S. Protective Service and Andrew Buerk, Guardian Tactical’s chief designer, resulting in an exclusive design for IWI US.

“The IWI Tavor® Tactical Combat Folding Knife blade is produced from the finest CPM-154 steel and is set into a textured G-10 handle that aids in grip retention. It has all black stainless steel hardware with a black anodized aluminum back spacer, incorporating a silky smooth 16 ball bearing system that ensures a solid lockup and zero side to side “play”. It was the U.S. Protective Service’s idea to incorporate Dual Arc Rapid Deployment thumb studs that allow the user to rapidly deploy the knife with one hand.

“100% Lifetime Warranty serviced by Guardian Tactical.

“The IWI Tavor® Tactical Combat folding knife is individually numbered and comes in a soft IWI branded bag.”

IWI TAVOR Knife IWI TAVOR reverseThe IWI TAVOR Tactical Combat folding knife can be purchased directly from IWI on the link above.  It sells for $324.99.

by Wilson

(all photos:  IWI, US, Inc.)

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