New Neck Knives From Hogue and Elishewitz

imageHere are two new neckers from Hogue Knives that were designed by Allen Elishewitz.  I was told at Blade Show that these prototypes had been hand ground by Mr. Elishewitz just before their arrival at the event.  One of the Hogue reps said she had not seen the pair of knives until the booth opened that morning.

The blades on these little buggers are made from 1/8″ 154CM steel.  They have a sort of tumbled or stonewashed finish that I hope is used on the production versions.  I imagine the sheaths will be a molded thermoplastic or Kydex.  As Hogue knives, they will, of course, be Made in the USA.

I liked both the blade shapes, one being a utility drop point and the other a shallow hawksbill.  A slight guard at the tang protects that index finger. Heavy jimping supports a very thumb-forward hold.  A lanyard hole graces the butt.

On vacation in California a few years ago, I drove past the Hogue Company manufacturing facility on my way into Paso Robles to see the Estrella Warbird Museum.  My foot now swiftly contacts my rear end for not stopping in for a visit.


This being a new line, the Hogue reps could not give me a time frame for the neck knives’ introduction to the marketplace.  We’ll keep our eyes peeled for them.  Come to think of it, I did see another brand new fixed blade by Hogue and Elishewitz on their display case…

by Wilson

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