Off to BLADE Show 2018

Here’s my ride to BLADE Show 2018. I bought this Dodge Challenger new last year. I’ll be tooling around the show floor wearing my SWAT knife in that kydex sheath I recent made. BLADE Show inspired me to start making knives again two years ago. I think I’ve made half a dozen blades since then and practiced not only in steel, but in thermoforming plastics and recently leather.

I guess I owe the show a great debt of gratitude for giving me a diversion from obsessing about my job, keeping me from spending too much time in front of some form of electronic screen, and contributing to a lowered blood pressure. Yep, all good.

Visiting the booths and tables of wares from grand manufacturers to humble one-man shops is creatively invigorating. I took an interesting grinding class by Tom Krine last year and this year I will attend a balisong-crafting seminar by Chuck Gedraitis.

I’ll try to post some photos here over the next few days. I am dreading the seven-hour drive, but in anticipation of the wonders I shall see and people I will meet.

by Wilson


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4 Responses to Off to BLADE Show 2018

  1. NIXON says:

    Dodge Challenger wow!
    Have fun with that, lol


  2. Lew Evans says:

    Nice ride. That should take some of the burn any of the drive.

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