Delica 4 Goes Hiking

Tomales Bay DelicaI have not been posting for the last two weeks because I have been on vacation in California.  I took my well-worn Spyderco Delica 4 with me for over 40 miles of day hikes on the beautiful trails in the Point Reyes National Seashore, which is in Marin County.

Last year, I brought my ESEE Izula along in my backpack, but the pack was so overloaded this year that the fixed blade knife did not make the equipment cut.  Just the same, I felt fine carrying my partially-serrated, black-bladed Delica.

This is my go-to knife for EDC.  The coating has withstood much abuse, evidenced by only a small bit of scratching and wear.  For sharpness, this blade has never let me down.  I find the Delica 4’s VG-10 gives outstanding edge holding.  I have an original Delica with GIN-1 steel that cannot come close to the performance of the latest iteration of the knife.

I was pleased with Spyderco’s decision to give the Delica 4 the added strength of steel liners under the FRN scales.  Compared to the 1990’s plastic handles, integrated pocket clip, and riveted pivot, the Delica 4 is much more solidly constructed.

It is comforting to know that you have a cutting implement that can cope with all manner of duties when you are out on the trails.  My Delica 4 was the right choice for this year’s vacation.  And it did not get stolen out of my suitcase like by brown Delica 4 once did!

by Wilson

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