Handmade Knife Patterns and Profiles

What do you want your knife to look like?  Your knife pattern should reflect not only the function you desire, but an aesthetic that is your own.  In past articles, I have shown an affinity for Asian-inspired blades.  Likely, that is from my half-Filipino heritage.  Or maybe I just gravitate to the lines.

For patterning, I began by tracing the outlines of the steel blanks I had purchased on plain paper.  I wanted to make blade shapes that conformed to the narrow Alabama Damascus I would use.  After exploring various patterns, to include wharncliffes, drop points, and bowies, I settled upon the basic kwaiken shape.  I reasoned that the straight topline would Continue reading

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Rebuilding My “Knife Shop”

Since last year’s BLADE Show, I have concentrated some of my spare time into making knives from the materials I purchased there (see last posting).  It has been slow going because I am rebuilding my small shop of tools, which were lost in an ex-wife’s hostile fire sale, from scratch.

I cleared out the front of my one-car garage and had to decide what I would need to buy from my modest discretionary budget.  Guess a work bench would be nice.  I bought a sturdy one from Husky.  Heavy sumbitch.

Thinking back, I had no desire to work from just files and sweat as I had when I made a few knives in the early 1990’s.  Back then, I had later purchased a Jet brand 1 X 42″ belt/disc grinder and I thought something like it would be just fine for what I wanted to do.  After shopping for power tools, I settled upon a Grizzly Continue reading

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BLADE Show 2016 and a Different Path

Blade Show 2016 suppliesThis year’s BLADE Show was transformational for me.  For the last four years, I have attended as a writer, with the job of interviewing people and taking photographs.  Maxpedition bag slung over one shoulder, I wandered into the Cobb Galleria Center Friday with the intention of talking to folks and examining goods in preparation for articles once again.

A familiar pang came over me when I walked in, though.  I was inspired by the master bladesmiths and craftsmen, and women, gathered to show their wares.  My purpose was to write, but I really wanted to be there as a knifemaker.  Leaving the pen, pad, and camera inside my slingbag, I began walking the show floor, thinking like a maker.

I have not made knives in many years.  In fact, I had only ever made a few stock removal fixed blades for my own use.  All my tools are long since gone–sold in a clandestine garage sale by a spiteful ex-wife.  I would have to buy more machinery.  And that could come later…

My plan was to find some small pieces of steel and a few Continue reading

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Spyderco BaliYo Pen Review

The modern spinning yoyo was invented in the late 1920’s by Filipino immigrant Pedro Flores, thus it is fitting that Spyderco’s Filipino balisong-inspired spinning pen is named the BaliYo. Both the yoyo and BaliYo take practice and patience to learn, but each can be a handful o’ fun. Really!

We all realize that it is a no-no to twirl a butterfly knife in public, but sometimes you just need to stretch the fingers and mind. While I’m not good with the stringed instrument, the BaliYo is a good choice for absentminded flippery when I am out of the homestead. The BaliYo has pocket clips and is supremely Continue reading

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Seiko SSB031–My Moonwatch

Seiko SSB031 close upOn my sixth birthday, I was in Hawaii at my grandparents house watching the live launch of a manned Apollo mission to space on a black and white TV. It seemed like the whole nation, or at least what I knew of it, was consumed with dreams of travel to the stars. The endeavor represented our technological prowess and, especially to a boy, it was awe inspiring.

I have never forgotten that feeling. My real life has had no connection to astronauts, or rockets, or lunar modules, but I have admired what they achieved. Much like I have purchased watches reminiscent of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms or the Rolex Submariner that I cannot afford, I went in search of a timepiece that would resemble the Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph, or Moonwatch, issued to our American space warriors.

A glimpse of Seiko’s SSB031 Chronograph made me think of serious men with buzz cuts and dangerous ambitions in Cape Canaveral. Continue reading

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Paragon Warlock–Truly Unique Mechanism

Paragon Warlock BlackParagon Knives’ Warlock may be the one true gravity knife on the market.  It has a very unique “safety” mechanism.  By grasping and squeezing both over-sized pivot housings, the halves of the handle split open to expose the blade, allowing the user to manually swing the blade out and back in again.

Once the blade is deployed, releasing the pivots closes the handle halves and locks the blade out by two pins in the tang.  Now it cannot close.  You will have to watch the videos I have included below to really grasp how it functions.  Think of it as a one-sided butterfly knife that can be flipped in and out.

The Warlock is currently a pre-order.  They will come in black, dark earth, or OD green anodized aluminum handles with either black or bead-blasted S30V Continue reading

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New Zero Tolerance Knives for 2016

0095bw_profile_1020x400Zero Tolerance Knives has released its new knives for 2016.  Here are some highlights and the manufacturer descriptions and specs.  If you’ve handled a knife by ZT, you know they are high quality pieces.  Enjoy!

The new Zero Tolerance 0095BW offers a dramatic look and top performance.

The 0095BW is built with premium quality materials—from its S35VN blade steel to its solid titanium handles. S35VN ensures the 0095BW offers a reliable edge. Added niobium gives this powdered metallurgy steel improved toughness over S30V without loss of wear resistance. The end result is a sharp edge that lasts for a long time. Next, ZT adds a BlackWash™ finish to the 0095BW’s “harpoon-style” blade to give the knife a sleek, unified look and to hide hard-use scratches.

The high-performance blade is paired with a titanium handle with wide, contoured chamfers to provide a secure, comfortable grip. A titanium frame lock with a hardened lockbar insert secures the blade open during use. ZT’s KVT ball-bearing opening system lets you open the 0095BW with speed and efficiency. The 0095BW’s pocketclip is reversible for left- and right-handed tip-up carry. Finally, a decorative, two-toned pivot adds a finishing touch to the 0095BW, completing the look of this solid handful of precision.0095bw_clipside_closed_1020x400

Continue reading

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