Ed Fowler Kicks Back at BLADE Show

What can you say? He’s a legend and one slick dude.


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BLADE Show 2018’s Added Space

This is the additional floor space where BLADE Show 2018 placed 200 more booths and tables in the John A. Williams ballroom, which is adjacent to the main exhibit hall.

I am shocked at how big this room actually is. The vendors in this room, to include a heavy hitter like Cold Steel, made it a pretty good show all on their own.

With nearly a thousand exhibitors, this year’s show is definitely the premier event in the knife world.

I was afraid the impending BLADE Show West (October 2018) would draw off some of the makers from faraway places such as Japan, but Kiku Matsuda, Hiroaki Ohta, and others were right where they were in previous years.

From the sheer size of today’s “Friday crowd,” you couldn’t dismiss the Forged-in-Fire-Effect the industry has been seeing–a renewed interest in making and collecting brought forth by the popular, and sometimes maligned, tv show.

Whatever the reasons, burgeoning vendors or pop culture promotion, it was heartening to see everyone from little kids to guys in mobility scooters plying the crowded aisles.

by Wilson

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Here We BLADE Again.

From this, to this:Made it!…already making friends! That’s Mr. Jerry Hossom, who does the most incredible grinds and finishes. Yeah, I got him to hold my knife. He was a good sport. This is one fun time.


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North to BLADE Show

Hit the road at 5:30. The sunrise was great.


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Off to BLADE Show 2018

Here’s my ride to BLADE Show 2018. I bought this Dodge Challenger new last year. I’ll be tooling around the show floor wearing my SWAT knife in that kydex sheath I recent made. BLADE Show inspired me to start making knives again two years ago. I think I’ve made half a dozen blades since then and practiced not only in steel, but in thermoforming plastics and recently leather.

I guess I owe the show a great debt of gratitude for giving me a diversion from obsessing about my job, keeping me from spending too much time in front of some form of electronic screen, and contributing to a lowered blood pressure. Yep, all good.

Visiting the booths and tables of wares from grand manufacturers to humble one-man shops is creatively invigorating. I took an interesting grinding class by Tom Krine last year and this year I will attend a balisong-crafting seminar by Chuck Gedraitis.

I’ll try to post some photos here over the next few days. I am dreading the seven-hour drive, but in anticipation of the wonders I shall see and people I will meet.

by Wilson


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Making a Kydex Sheath and Paddle

In preparation for BLADE Show 2018, I needed a wearable sheath for my SWAT Knife. The original sheath I had made had no real provision for mounting. I had to do something soon since BLADE is close and I wanted to show off my knife from the hip.

Rummaging in my cave of junk, I found an old paddle mount for a BLACKHAWK! Kalista fixed blade knife I had bought decades ago. If I fashioned a new flat-backed sheath out of Kydex, I could drill the holes to match the paddle and I would be in business.

Into the kitchen with a sheet of .060″ patterned Kydex, thermoforming foam, tongs, and only moderate patience. The process usually drags out for five or six attempts to get a sheath molded to my liking, however, Continue reading

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BLADE Show 2018 is Imminent!

As an amateur knifemaker and sometime writer, I am stoked that BLADE Show 2018 is less than a month from now. This year, BLADE Show will open up 25,000 new square feet of exhibit space and add 200 more exhibitors to give us 900 booths, tables, and displays over which to salivate. Whether you are a seller, maker, collector, enthusiast, or regular Joe, there will be something  sure to bring you a stupid grin and maybe upend your wallet. The show runs June 1 through 3 at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta. See you there!


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