My Pocket Carry Kiridashi

I currently shuffle papers in an office for a living. Occasionally we receive packages and boxes to open and it seems like no one ever has a knife handy. Well now that I make knives, it is embarrassing not to have one on me, even in casual dress clothing.

There was this chunk of Alabama Damascus left over from the three previous knives I made. It was too short for a kwaiken, so I put the steel aside, not wanting it to go into the trash bin.

A kiridashi is a small utility knife of Japanese origin, sometimes found with a chisel grind. The piece of damascus was just right for this pattern. I traced around the outline of the blank on paper and came up with a basic design. A quick trip to the grinder and much more time spent with files and sandpaper yielded a knife.

Originally, I was going to affix two scales of 1/8 inch blue G10, securing them with epoxy and a brass pin and lanyard tube. I mocked some handle scales up, but it was nagging at me that it was too…plain.

One day, I remembered an Alan Folts knife I had used in a post a few years back. His knife had scales made from circuit board. Well, that would look cool on this knife and be ironically futuristic on this old Asian form.

There were many online choices for clean, unused commercial circuit boards, so I ordered several small pieces. Good thing, too, because I messed up a few sets until I settled upon the best way to use them.

I decided they looked best on top of scraps of the Moonglow polycarbonate used in my first knife. The glow-in-the-dark material was best backed by thin white G10 liners. I laminated the trio together and slapped them on the kiridashi blade. With a charge from a bright light, the glow gives an eerie back-lighting to the circuit board.

It was important to be careful with the epoxy and keep it off of the tops of the scales, as I wanted to leave them untouched on the final knife. What little did get on them, I removed with gentle pressure from a wooden stick.

Since this blade would be pocket-carried, I devised a small square sheath of carbon-fiber-looking kydex. The sheath was shaped to ride in the bottom of my slacks to keep the kiridashi handle up.

This little knife is purely utilitarian in its uses and I have already slayed a few boxes with it.

Projects like these keep my mind and hands busy so I stay out of trouble. And now I have a sharp thing on me at all times!

by Wilson

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3 Responses to My Pocket Carry Kiridashi

  1. Lew says:

    I like it. Very clever. In a pinch it could double as a night fighting tool.


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