New SOG Zoom Assisted Folders

SOG ZoomOut on the dusty range at Media Day, SOG Knives had new wares.  Next to the SOG Kiku fixed blade were some new folding knives.  SOG representative Chris Cashbaugh showed off a new folder in the Zoom series of knives.  Using SOG’s assisted technology (S.A.T.), this knife was tuned to find the right balance between speed and force in opening the AUS-8 blade.  I manipulated the knife and found that Cashbaugh was right, indeed.  The Zoom had a nice snap without being too harsh.

SOG Zoom Reverse SOG Zoom ClosedZooms will come in 3.6″ and 3.1″ blades.  A recurved drop point will be offered in either satin or black TiNi finishes.  Blade lock up is controlled by a plunge lock with sliding safety switch.  Black anodized aluminum handle scales are sculpted and grooved for grip.  The deep carry pocket clip switch-hits for the right or left side.

SOG Zoom Black SOG Zoom Black Reverse SOG Zoom Black ClosedYou can see the dust and some oil residue left on the TiNi sample knife.  My bad for not wiping it down thoroughly for photos.  Despite the fine sand blowing every which way, the Zooms functioned perfectly.  Suggested pricing for the knives will range from $101.00 for the small satin model to $118.00 for the large titanium nitride blade.

by Wilson

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