Cool Carbon-Fiber Pocket Clips from

IMG_3584I was perusing the aisles at Blade Show 2013, when something caught my eye and altered my course.  Carbon-fiber pocket clips!  A bin of them!  I moved in for the kill. produces some very nice looking replacement clips from the material that is the technologically high-speed look.  Think stealth and strength.

I had scuffed up the clip of my Emerson Mini-Commander, so I wanted something cool to fit onto it.  This was an obvious choice.  I found that the three hole pattern fit the Emersons and Benchmades in my collection.  Carbon-fiber is a composite material that has reinforcing materials such as Kevlar, Twaron, glass fibers, or carbon fibers held together with an epoxy-based binding polymer.  The resultant material is lightweight and extremely strong.  It is good enough for B-2 bombers, Space Shuttles, and America’s Cup AC-72 yachts, which makes it good enough for me.

IMG_3580 IMG_3583 IMG_3587 IMG_3590 IMG_3593I spoke with Ric at  Ric said their clips will fit various knives with a standard three hole pattern from Spyderco and Columbia River Knife and Tool, in addition to the Benchmade and Emerson. is also making a universal carbon-fiber pocket clip that does not have pre-drilled holes.  Make some pilot holes from your existing clip and you are in business.  The photos I have taken do not do justice to the cool look of these clips.

Ric said they were also producing electric blue clips that had not yet been ready at the time of Blade Show.  Yeah, I’d have bought them, too.  The black carbon-fiber clips sell for $8.00.  Ten bucks will get you the blue ones.  The clips can be ordered at or 1-678-969-9147.  Some blue ones are on the way to me as I type, so I’ll post some photos when they arrive.

by Wilson

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4 Responses to Cool Carbon-Fiber Pocket Clips from

  1. George says:

    Interesting! That should work for other Spydies as well.


  2. Matt says:

    How tight does it fit to the handle?


  3. Clamps says:

    No retention at all with CF clips- be warned. My Horseman was barely hanging on by a thread last week due to a CF clip. Looks great but functionality is a total goose egg.


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