Ontario Knife Company Blackbird Noir

OKC Blackbird NoirBlackbird SK-5 is one of the Ontario Knife Company‘s fixed blade knives.  Paul Sheiter’s, the Blackbird’s designer said, “I believe the more complicated a product becomes, the more likely it is to fail when your life depends on it.  For this reason I designed the Blackbird SK-5 Knife to achieve maximum function delivered through pure simplicity. You won’t see gimmicks or gadgets on this knife.”

New for 2014 is the black-bladed Blackbird Noir.  OKC said the knife steel is subdued with a Special Operations Capable (SOC) black powder coating.  The original knife comes in satin finish.  Crucible Material’s 154CM, at 0.13″ thick, is the basis for the full tang blade.  It is hardened to 58-60 RHC.  The Blackbird’s blade has a flat grind with a tapered cross-section.  The butt is flat for pounding.

OKC Blackbird Noir 2Blackbird NoirHandle slabs, which are attached with Allen bolts, are made of black/gray canvas Micarta.  The edges of the handles are chamfered for comfort.  Canvas Micarta has a positive grip in when covered in water, blood, or other liquids.  It is also feel “warm” in cold environs.  A lanyard slot occupies the rear of the handle.  The Blackbird comes with a nylon sheath that has a rigid liner for safety.  It is MOLLE compatible for creative mounting.  A belt loop allows for a more traditional carry.

SR-71 BlackbirdSheiter’s OKC Blackbird now resembles its Lockheed namesake in color, as well as fuselage profile.  I thought the knife was solid and unpretentious when I handled it at SHOT Show 2014.  Blackbird Noir has a suggested price of $245.  This knife is Made in the USA.  I found it on pre-order at one website for $159.99.

by Wilson

(Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird photo by NASA.)

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2 Responses to Ontario Knife Company Blackbird Noir

  1. Sean Hovington says:

    My original SK-5 Blackbird is perhaps the most useful and well thought out knives in Mt collection of over 50 hard use blades. The Ontario Knife Company does things right and keeps their prices in line with the raw materials used to build each item. A true consumer oriented business for the common man. This blade will never left you down, and from my experience, if you pair it up with the OKC Kukri (in1095 carbon steel) and a smaller sturdy knife, you have everything you need for hunting, bushcraft, military deployment, or Armageddon. After all, one knife can’t do all the work, at least not proficiently. Three knives are warranted, simply to get the work done faster. OKC’s new blacked out SK-5 should be a huge winner for the company, and a huge value for the covert conscious consumer. I’ll be pre-ordering mine now, and I’ll be using it in the wilderness soon.


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