Bad Blood Knives

IMG_3301Bad Blood Knives are an offshoot of Hallmark Cutlery, which markets products under the Robert Klaas, Chief, Super, and other monikers.  Bad Blood is anchored by tactical fixed and folder offerings from knifemakers Sean Kendrick and David Mosier.

The fixed blade you see here is Kendrick’s Raijú SL (Slim Line) model.  It is a chisel ground tanto made from 8Cr14 steel.  The blade is 4″ and the overall knife’s measurement is 8 1/2″ in length.  The full tang blade supports smooth pinned G-10 scales over red contrasting liners.  A lanyard tube rides out back.  The Raijú weighs 7.4 oz’s.

IMG_3302 IMG_3303 IMG_3304The handle design locks the index finger securely, so under hard use you retain the digits you currently own.  This is a sturdy defensive knife with quality construction.  A nicely made Kydex sheath comes with the Raijú.  It had a snug fit and the blade did not rattle in the model on their display table at the Blade Show 2013.

Raijú is the mythical Japanese “thunder beast” which is part lightning, part animal.  I think it is fitting name for this capable fixed blade.

IMG_3306The folder at the top is the Kendrick-designed Harbinger.  It has a 3 3/4″ blade of 8Cr14 with G-10 scales.  The bottom knife is a Mosier flipper with a tanto grind and brown G-10 scales.  Both of these were prototypes and did not even have the Bad Blood logo etched on them yet.  I found the Raijú on sale, online for $47.95.  The Harbinger was less than forty bucks.

Bad Blood Knives was conceived as a mid-priced line of tactical folders and fixed blades, which possess better quality construction than some other offshore knives.  Thus far, reviews are coming in that confirm Bad Blood is making good on their mission statement.

by Wilson

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