Jason Brous Triple Threat Becomes the SOG Growl

BrousTriple ThreatDespite my time being short at Blade Show 2013, I just had to swing by Jason Brous’ display to converse with him.  The backstory of this twenty-something year old maker is told in the unusual angles and curves in his work.  His knives are influenced by 10 years spent in his father’s CNC shop making precision medical equipment and by his love for biomechanical art.

Though Biomech art is most popularly represented by the striking visual work of H.R. Geiger in the Alien movie series, Jason credits Brazilian artist/tattooist Lango with sparking his desire to use knife making as a creative outlet.  Biomech art combines the mechanical and the organic in a fusion of disparate forms.  This can be seen in Jason’s work.

It seems that Brous Blades and its owner are on fire in the knife world.  Having been constructing blades for only about three years, Jason was approached by SOG Knives (a company at least as old as Jason) for two collaborations.  Jason has been making a fixed blade knife called the Triple Threat, which has morphed into SOG’s Growl.  Jason’s Silent Soldier neck knife is also finding an alias as the SOG Snarl.

The Brous Triple Threat showcases multiple grinds in its 3.6″ D2 blade.  Scrolled machining on the G10 scales repeats the mechanical notes of the steel.  When I asked Jason about the Triple Threat’s blade he said,  “The angled grinds cut different materials better.  Plus they just look cool!”

IMG_3381 IMG_3379 IMG_3378I had been to the SOG booth earlier and looked at the Growl.  Its dimensions mimic the Triple Threat, but the Growl lacks the rearmost cutting edge which is at a much steeper degree than the other two primary bevels.  I asked Jason why SOG did not replicate all three grinds.  Cost, he surmised.

The SOG Growl is very similar to the Triple Threat in measurements, but differs in materials.  The Growl is made of 9Cr18MoV, with glass-reinforced nylon scales.  The larger groove pattern of the Growl is grossly reminiscent of the Triple Threat’s handles.  Overall, I felt the Growl is, for the most part, faithful to its progenitor.

IMG_3308 IMG_3311The custom Brous Blade Triple Threat MSRP’s at $199.00.  For $120.00 retail, you can buy the SOG Growl.  Jason’s knife comes with a custom kydex sheath.  The Growl is worn in a molded nylon model.  I have seen both blades for sale on-line for quite a bit less.  For me, I’d spend a bit more and get the real deal.

It was a pleasure meeting Jason Brous and talking knife design with him.  As young and as talented as he is, he will surely be become an artistic influence for future makers.  Jason is certainly doing something right to have been noticed so early and I think that is owing to his avant-garde style of steel.

by Wilson

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2 Responses to Jason Brous Triple Threat Becomes the SOG Growl

  1. P. says:

    LOVE Brous Blades, and had no idea the creator was so young! Very inspiring…


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