Brous Blades Bionic Folder

Brous Blades BionicJason Brous has created a new semi-custom flipper called Bionic.  I have written about Brous’ penchant for biomechanical design and this latest knife wears his artistic signature.  An anodized 6061 aluminum frame is machined in what I see as a millipede shape (South American?).  The outlines of the handle are organically curved.

I do see a single offsetting straight line in the groove at the top of the Bionic’s D2 stainless steel blade.  This groove serves as a opening device for the thumb.  The blade’s shape can be called either steep drop point or modified Wharncliffe.  It is deeply hollow ground and Cerakoted in satin or black.

The Bionic rolls out on Brous’ new proprietary ball bearing pivot, which can be sent into motion via a flipper.  Once open, the blade is stilled by a stainless steel liner lock insert.  A reversible tip up pocket clip is flipper friendly.

Brous’ intent was to create a small, lightweight, easy to carry, and affordable everyday carry knife.  Let’s see.  Three inch blade, 2.5 ounces, slim profile, and MSRP of $159.00.  Yeah, Bionic checks all the boxes.

Brous Bionic

Retailers have them now.  Handle color choices are black, blue, red, green, silver, orange, and pink.  There are also blacked-out versions and one with an acid-washed blade, all of which fetch 30 more bucks.  Since the model run is for 1,100 pieces, you may want to order soon.

by Wilson

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