Schrade Adds New Knives for 2013

IMG_3217Blade Show 2013’s Schrade Knives booth had some new offerings I had not seen at SHOT Show.  I really liked their SCHA4B above.  The crosshatching on the flats of the blade are reminiscent of a vintage knife forged from a mill file.  The texturing was very appealing.  This knife, with a 4034 blade and aluminum/rubber handles, retails for under $40.00.

IMG_3220 IMG_3225Unusual, to say the least, was Schrade’s Viper Side Opening Assisted Folder.  A sliding safety switch on top keeps the blade either locked closed or open.  To deploy the 4034 steel blade, the right handed user pushes the blade from the side hole.  If done smartly, the blade flips right out.  These come in various blade designs and lengths for under $40.00

IMG_3226The Viper Out-the-Front Assisted opening is like the general switch activated OTF folder, but not.  In taking the safety off at the butt of the knife, the large slider button on the top rear of the knife is pushed and the blade glides out.  This is a single action OTF.  To close the knife, push a small button on the front of the knife and manually retract the sharp portion.  This guy, and its variations, sells for…under $40.00.

Though my opinion was that Taylor Brands/Schrade was trying to find some innovation in their newest designs, I felt they somewhat missed the mark in functionality with both Vipers.  They were wonky to use.  Still, I really liked that textured blade on the SCHA4 series.  Something that simple can sell a knife, when the gee-whiz factor can make a buyer just keep on walking.

by Wilson

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