Gone to BLADE

Today, I am driving to Atlanta from Florida for BLADE Show 2017.  Here is my finished kwaiken knife and kydex sheath.  As a novice, I am happy with what I have made, but it has some flaws and I am eager to make the next knife a better one.  Since it is my first blade in twenty years, I guess I should be glad I made anything at all!

I have registered for Tom Krein’s BLADE U grinding class for Friday morning.  I am very excited to learn.  It has been a long year juggling family and a hobby of knife making.  It will be satisfying to walk into the show as something of a “maker” this year and not a writer/photographer.  I’m sure I will be looking for new cool things to stuff in my pack and be awestruck by the amazing work of true blade artisans.

Thanks for following along…

by Wilson

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