GD Skulls Dress Up Your Knife

GD Skulls PirateGenadijs Dmitrijevs handcrafts his GD Skulls with Old World skill.  Each skull bead is made in his Latvia, Russia workshop from 925 silver and bronze.  The designs are intricate and beautiful.  GD feels his mixture of the two metals, done with foundry production methods, gives contrast and uniqueness to his beads.  Agreed.

For his most complicated beads, he utilizes the services of a miniaturist sculptor to expedite the finishing process and keep costs down.  GD is quick to distinguish his works from those of big production facilities.  His 18 years of experience making jewelry lead to individual pieces of art.

GD Skulls SnakeGD Skulls Fireman skullGD Skulls Spartan splitAt BLADE Show 2015, I saw a series of skulls GD made for for Bastinelli Creations.  French Bastinelli knifemaker Bastien Coves rendered a drawing of four soldier skulls, that GD replicated in silver and bronze.  The “TF” on the berets stands for “Tactical Frenchie.”  Both drawing and beads were outrageous.

GD Skulls Frenchies GD Skulls Frenchies Drawing GD Skulls Frenchies BeretGD Skulls can be compared to full custom knives, as opposed to factory-made ones.  If you would like one of these upscale lanyard beads, go to the link above for GD Skulls USA and find a retailer.  The price of the GD Skulls goes from forty bucks and up, with most above the hundred dollar range.  At the BLADE Show booth, Amy was busy making GD-skulled lanyards for purchasers of Pohl Force knives!

GD-Himself GD-StudioGD Skulls come with a certificate of authenticity and a microfiber cloth to keep them shiny.  Here is GD in his workshop.  Thanks for the cool skulls, sir!

by Wilson

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