Red Horse Knifeworks

Red Horse Knifeworks razorEdward Kim is the driving force and maker behind Red Horse Knifeworks.  He brought some incredible wares to BLADE Show 2015.  Kim is a martial arts practitioner and a former private security contractor.  These facets of his background give him inspiration for the designs.  But his eye for good lines truly makes his knives stand out.

Kim makes mid-tech knives that he hopes owners will actually employ in the field.  He kicked about words like aesthetics, usability, affordability.  As you can see, the results of the merging of these three concepts are beautiful blades.

Red Horse razor reverse Red Horse framelock Red Horse razor clipThe knife in the above four photographs is the Red Horse Knifeworks Hell Razor.  I found it easily one of the most interesting on the table.  It has a Chinese influence that reminded me of the great works of Bob Lum.  A titanium framelock with carbidized lock face, titanium pocket clip, and stainless steel stand-off construction, the Hell Razor is solidly built.

Hell Razor’s popping blade begins as 154CPM that is artfully profiled and ground, then heat treated to 59RHC and cryo-treated.  The blade rolled open sweetly on 440C bearings.  It was easily my favorite blade of the show.  No, I’m not kidding.  In person it was a Wow!

Red Horse Ti G10 liners

Red Horse Knifeworks APC’s in titanium and G10.

Red Horse flipper

Red Horse Knives War Pig flipper.

Red Horse Chopper

The Chopper.

Red Horse Knifeworks tactical bottle opener

Red Horse Bad Apple Tactical Bottle Openers.

It was hard not to stand there and grin like an idiot in front of a table of knives this nice.  Mr. Kim’s folders sell in the $400.00 to $550.00 range.  Check out his website to see all the products.  I was very glad I did not pass his booth without a look.

by Wilson


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