New Leatherman Tread Multi-tool

How did I miss this at SHOT Show?  I was in a hurry, that’s how.  I wandered past the Leatherman booth, but I did not see the gi-normous photos of the Tread plastered on the walls.

Leatherman Tools President Ben Rivera, an engineer, designed this product before he ascended to the big chair.  Here’s their video.

BladeBarrelBezel reader Steve G. sent me some photos he took of a stainless steel Tread at SHOT Show last week.

image2image1Steve said the Tread was very large, indeed.  His wrist is average to large.  Size-wise he said it was bulkier than a big paracord bracelet.  That said, he called it, “Cool as hell!”  Thanks, Steve!

by Wilson


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