New Benchmade Knives for 2015

Benchmade SHOT 2015The first booth I barged into at SHOT Show 2015 was Benchmade!  They literally had a case full of new models for 2015.  Since I was in a press for time at the show, I had Troy, a Benchmade commercial manager, drag a fistful of sharpies from the cabinet for me to manipulate and photograph.  These are photos I took of nine of the new offerings.

The first three knives are, from top to bottom, the Loco, the Ti Monolock, and a Shane Sibert design, the Vicar.  Below are the reverse sides of these knives.

Benchmade SHOT 2015 2The Loco is a 3.68″ bladed heavy duty tactical folder with an AXIS lock and G-10 handles.  The Ti Monolock is just that–titanium handles, monolock function.  I love the feel of titanium.  It has a dispassionate, industrial flavor in one’s hand.  The Vicar is a robust hard use knife of CPM-S30V, black and green stacked handles, and a .090″ thick titanium liner lock.

Benchmade SHOT 2015 3Our next three knives are the Benchmade Model 112 H2O fixed blade, the Sibert Bushcrafter, and the APB Assist (Ambidextrous Push-Button or All Points Bulletin, you choose!).

Benchmade SHOT 2015 4The 112 H2O fixed blade comes in the ultra-stainless N680 steel.  It has an blunt opposing bevel blade, serrations, and a rescue hook.  It was designed for a military unit.  The beefy Sibert Bushcrafter, with its high ground drop point blade and sand colored G-10 handles, is already shipping.  At the bottom, the 665 APB Assist has an ambidextrous push button release for its AXIS lock.  It looked great in its blue and black contoured G-10 handles.

Benchmade SHOT 2015 5Finally, above are the Pagan, the 6800 Auto APB, and a sharp new addition to the Nakamura AXIS family.

Benchmade SHOT 2015 6The Pagan is a double-action OTF (out the front) auto opener.  Its blade is 3.96 inches of 154-CM steel.  I am enamored with the solid snaps as you work a Benchmade OTF auto.  The Auto APB has a similar push-button/AXIS action as the APB Assist, except the Auto is…an auto.  This APB has aluminum scales.

The last knife is the new carbon fiber-handled Nakamura 484-1.  It features CPM-S90V super premium blade steel.  A blue anodized pivot bushing and blue barrel spacers at the spine really make this model stand out.

There were more new models that I did not have time to touch.  It was obvious the designers at BM have been busy making us new debts.  On to the next booth!

by Wilson


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