New Emerson Knives

imageI shot this photo of Mr. Emerson’s signature on a Combat Systems Fighter. The stonewashed flats against the satin bevels are spectacular!  These have limited availability and are in short supply, according to the rep.


The pics of the other new Emerson knives below are courtesy of Emerson Knives, Inc.  Their photos were better than mine… 

imageGovernment Mule Fixed Blade

imageGovernment Mule Blunt Nose



The MCMK (MK1) EOD Knife, designed for Mine Countermeasures features a copper beryllium blade ground by Ernest Emerson with a chisel-ground cutting edge for added strength and ease of sharpening, as well as a chisel-ground flat front edge. Additionally, square-saw teeth have been added to the top edge for tearing through soft materials.



imageimageIron Dragon–Named after the Iron Dragon, Sir Richard Bustillo. Richard was an original student of Bruce Lee, and one of Ernest Emerson’s most influential martial arts instructors.


Rangemaster Sheepdog, their first real flipper that also has the new bearing system.

by Wilson


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2 Responses to New Emerson Knives

  1. The Rangemaster Sheepdog is pretty awesome, I can’t wait to check it out and see what an Emerson flipper will be like!


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