Rebuilding My “Knife Shop”

Since last year’s BLADE Show, I have concentrated some of my spare time into making knives from the materials I purchased there (see last posting).  It has been slow going because I am rebuilding my small shop of tools, which were lost in an ex-wife’s hostile fire sale, from scratch.

I cleared out the front of my one-car garage and had to decide what I would need to buy from my modest discretionary budget.  Guess a work bench would be nice.  I bought a sturdy one from Husky.  Heavy sumbitch.

Thinking back, I had no desire to work from just files and sweat as I had when I made a few knives in the early 1990’s.  Back then, I had later purchased a Jet brand 1 X 42″ belt/disc grinder and I thought something like it would be just fine for what I wanted to do.  After shopping for power tools, I settled upon a Grizzly 1 X 42″ combo grinder and a small Grizzly bench drill press.  I ordered them.  When they landed, there was some assembly was required.

Everything went together well and ran as advertised when powered up.  So, a trip to the hardware store to buy files, drill bits, clamps, hacksaw blades, sandpaper, and other items was next on the list. I also began clicking through the online catalogs for, Masecraft Supply Co.,, Texas Knifemaker’s Supply, and others to find ideas, materials, and additional supplies.  Oh, and I began leafing through back editions of BLADE magazine for inspiration.

My goal is to build three small fixed blade knives from the Alabama Damascus steel blanks and handle materials I purchased and greedily stuffed into my backpack at the BLADE Show.  I know it will be a long road, but I have some idea where it leads.  Onward and upward!  This is kind of exciting.


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4 Responses to Rebuilding My “Knife Shop”

  1. Bryan W says:

    Nice! Don’t forget to look at KNIFE Magazine for some inspiration and help as well!


  2. Lew says:

    Outstanding Wilson! A knife shop on a budget. This is great, being in on it from day one. I’m a fan already. I expect that this will be very interesting. Best of luck with it. I’ve built a few shops over the years and might make a suggestion now and then if you’re interested. Will be looking forward to your next post.
    Best Regards,


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