Devon Works Star Wars Watch

imageDevon Works, a design studio on Coruscant (okay, L.A.), has come out with a timepiece worthy of a Grand Moff.  Their Star Wars watch is an impressive piece of technology that will be available to the select few who possess enough Imperial credits to buy one.

Devon Works’ watch uses clever analog belts to display the time.  The nylon time belts, used in the hyperspace industry, are driven by four electric motors and regulated by an on-board CPU.  This machine has 350 individual components, largely bound together by the Force.

Darth Vader’s T.I.E. Fighter wings, studs from his dark helmet, and the logo for the Galactic Empire can be seen on the case and crown of Devon’s creation.  The Star Wars watch is Rancor-sized at 61.2 mm wide x 66.3 mm tall x 22.1 mm thick!  If its design doesn’t stand out, its dimensions will.

imageimageThe following are Devon’s Star Wars watch specifications:

316L Stainless Steel
True Black Diamond-Like Coating
Scratch-Resistant Poly-carbonate lens with blasterproof durability
Numbered 1-500 on Back Plate
Four Interwoven 2-Micron Thin Nylon Time Belts
Lubricant-Free Ruby Bearings
Four Micro-Step Motors
Multiple High-Tech Optical Recognition Cells
Temperature-Compensated Crystal
On-board Microprocessor
313 Electrical Contacts
Lithium-Polymer Rechargeable Cell
Powered for Two Weeks on One Charge
Recharge Through Inductive Charging Tower

imageIf you could wirelessly recharge this watch, would you dock it in a replica standard T.I.E. fighter?  You would and you can!  For the retail price of just (gulp) $28,500.00, you get this watch and cuff links that look like Vader’s personal T.I.E.  Devon and Disney are limiting the Star Wars watch to 500 pieces. Enjoy the pics!

by Wilson


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