DPx Gear’s Aculus Has a Sting

aculus_sandblasted_2_1DPx Gear has released a new folder whose handle is milled from a solid block of 6Al4V titanium.  Their new Aculus model is a handsome piece of machinery.  Aculus is derived from “aculeus,” the tip of a scorpion’s stinger.  The 3D texturing of the handle and the clip point blade are certainly reminiscent of that armored, stinging arthropod.

The Aculus is a collaboration between DPx Founder Robert Young Pelton and LionSTEEL owner Gianni Pauletta.   They conceived it as a gentleman’s folder with concealed carry potential.  The handle shape can be used for non-lethal pain compliance.  A deep carry clip and tungsten carbide glass breaker complete the package.

aculus_sandblasted_1_1Because of the single-piece design, the pivot and stop pin are the only structural fasteners in the handle, the screw for the pocket clip/ glass breaker, notwithstanding.  I know I have been mentioning the high quality of the knives coming out of Italy lately, but the craftsmanship stands for itself.

The specs for the Aculus are:

MSRP:  $400.00
Blade Length:  3.26″ / 83 mm
Blade Steel:  Stonewashed 61 HRC Niolox tool steel
Blade Thickness:  0.14″ / 3.50 mm
Blade Finish:  Stonewashed
Overall Length:  7.71″ / 196 mm
Closed Length:  4.33″ / 110 mm
Handle:  Sandblasted 6Al4v Titanium

The DPx Aculus 3D is limited to a production run of 100.  They are available now, so if you want one, you had best strike!

by Wilson

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