GATCO/Timberline Gas Monkey Garage Knives

Timberline Gas MonkeyGATCO, the Great American Tool Company and maker of Timberline knives, is releasing a line of products promoting the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, Texas.  You may know the garage from the Discovery Channel TV show Fast N’ Loud.

Fast N’ Loud follows the reality show automotive adventures of perpetual self-promoter Richard Rawlings and his mega-bearded main mechanic Aaron Kaufman.  At SHOT Show 2015, I was drawn to the GATCO booth because of the Gas Monkey logo on the side of their booth.  Hmmm, this looked familiar, yet out of context.

Gas Monkey logoGuess you can’t fault the Fast N’ Loud guys for wanting to cash in on their current popularity.  The knives and other accessories, such as multi-tools, flashlights, and bottle openers, are made offshore and have very low price points.  Most of the knives will MSRP for less than twenty bucks.

Timberline Gas Monkey reverseThe GATCO catalog had model numbers, but no nifty names that I would have expected from Rawlings and Kaufman.  I was kinda thinking one knife could be named after what the show’s Asian upholsterer lady, Sue, called Rawlings on one episode:  “You Ass Monkey!”

Timberline Gas Monkey black Timberline Gas Monkey folder Timberline Gas Monkey folder reverse Timberline Gas Monkey keychain knife Gas Monkey Beer OpenerIf this is your deal, well, here you go.

by Wilson


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