New CRKT Hi Jinx–Blade Show 2014 Overall Knife of the Year

CRKT Hi JinxA new mid-year release from the Columbia River Knife and Tool company is the Hi Jinx, designed by Ken Onion.  This is a limited production run of 525 number pieces.  It is made in Magiano, Italy and features a Bohler Uddeholm stainless steel blade with a titanium framelock.

The blade length is 3.32″.  It has a nice high flat grind.  I love the industrial feel of titanium handles–they are almost warm to the touch.  Hi Jinx is an extremely smooth flipper with its IKBS bearing system.  The overall fit and finish befit a collectors’ knife with an MSRP of $500.00.

I enjoyed the ease of the flipper and the bang! of the lock as it engaged.  Since CRKT is known more for its cost conscious offerings, seeing a top flight knife such as this in their lineup is a nice change.  Watch the video below for Mr. Onion’s great take on the Hi Jinx and his tongue in cheek humor at the end.

CRKT Hi Jinx back CRKT Hi Jinx lock CRKT Hi Jinx clip

Ken Onion’s CRKT Hi Jinx won Blade Show’s 2014 Overall Knife Of the Year. After handling it and examining its lines, I can see why.

by Wilson

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1 Response to New CRKT Hi Jinx–Blade Show 2014 Overall Knife of the Year

  1. crktofficial says:

    Thanks for the post, brother! And thanks for stopping by the booth to check the Hi Jinx out. Seriously, we’re super honored that it won.


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