Choosing a Fixed Blade for Day Hiking

Fixed Blade ChoicesShortly, I will be traveling out to California for a little hiking.  I wanted to take a fixed blade knife in my pack.  My options are not just limited to the few I photographed above.  I guess since my wife and I would be taking day trips, I did not need a very large knife for Bushcraft chores.

To carry the gear, I will be humping a Tactical Tailor backpack loaded with water, snacks, first aid supplies, and a DLSR camera with two lenses.  A twenty-five pound pack may seem a bit much for short (5 to fifteen mile) treks, but some of the areas are a little remote and without cellular signals.

Though I will be bringing a Spyderco Delica, I like having the ruggedness of a fixed blade on board….but my selection needs to be ultralight.  What made the cut?  My ESEE Izula.

IzulaI love the scant 2.7 ounce weight of both the 1095 carbon steel blade and the tough plastic sheath.  The OAL of the package is just 7″.  A 2.75″ blade may seem short, but this knife can be pounded through wood with a baton and take on twisty, prying chores as well.

I definitely overdo it for short hiking gear (I have a tourniquet and QuikClot combat gauze in the first aid kit), but I figure I am prepared for most potential emergencies suffered by my wife and me, or those of anyone else we might encounter out there on the trails.  A reliable fixed blade is a necessity.

by Wilson

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