Benchmade Introduces New Custom Knife Maker Site

__customknife.benchmade.com_images_generated_106012_benchmade-wallpaper-20140426001442I was sent the press release below from the Benchmade Knife Company.  I went to the linked site and created my own custom Mini-Griptilian which is shown above.  I had a blast clicking away and changing blades, personalization, and handles…



April 25th, 2014

(Oregon City, Oregon) Benchmade Knife Company, manufacturer of premium sports cutlery, introduces the new Benchmade Custom Knife Maker.  Expanding the already established and popular “Custom Griptilian”, Benchmade has added the Barrage and Mini-Barrage into the lineup of customizable knives. Featuring a new interface, customers will have an on-screen preview of their knife as they go through the process of selecting the blade, handle colors and positioning of custom laser markings.

“The new Custom Knife Builder is an industry leading tool.” says Dave Stainsby, Senior Digital Sales & Marketing Manager. “No other knife manufacturer offers the level of customization and lasermark personalization that Benchmade now does with this new tool.”
New features of the Benchmade Custom Knife Maker:

– Addition of the Benchmade Barrage & Mini-Barrage in Custom Knife Maker.

– New Custom Knife Maker interface with expanded options (

– New laser marking options with on-screen previews.

– 14 different handle and back-spacer colors available.

– Email notifications of progress of your knife build with videos explaining the knife building process.

– Over 1 million different combinations (not including custom laser marks).

– Share custom knife creations via Facebook or Twitter.

Experience the Benchmade Custom Knife Maker at or stop by the Benchmade booth (#6649) at the 143rd Annual NRA Meetings & Exhibits in Indianapolis, IN going on April 25th – 27th.

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2 Responses to Benchmade Introduces New Custom Knife Maker Site

  1. Mason says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Wilson. This sounds like a fun website…definitely a way to pass the time and, I’d imagine, kill time if you’re not too careful. I’m big into customizing virtually anything, and add to the fact the option to visually customize your knife on the fly–it really does sound like a blast.

    By the way, I just found your website and really am enjoying it so far. About to go read your take on the Stryker 904SB by Benchmade!


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