Emerson Teams Up With Kershaw Knives

Emerson Kershaw CollaborationEmerson Knives is collaborating with Kershaw Knives on line of eight SKU’s featuring Emerson design and a Kershaw build for 2014.  Six will be frame locks and the other two will be liner locks.  According to the Kershaw catalogue, six of the knives are scaled in black G-10, one is coyote brown G-10, and the last is olive green G-10.

The knives are numbers CQC-1K through CQC-8K.  While the CQC-1K reminds me of the Emerson Gentleman Jim in looks, none of the designs are literal interpretations of any of the existing Emerson Knives, Inc. pieces.  That said, they all are unmistakably Emerson.  So much so that I had not even heard of this collaboration, but I popped the drag chute when I passed Kershaw’s SHOT Show 2014 booth as I spied these very recognizable sharp things.

Emerson/ Kershaw reverseAll the Emerson/Kershaw CQC’s come equipped with thumb disks and reversible tip up pocket clips.  Each knife also wears what Kershaw is calling a “Wave shaped feature” for the fabric catching blade opening spur. Emerson Knives originally called it “The Wave,” but Leatherman Tool Group owned the rights to the words so various versions of the term “Wave” are bandied about.

The Emerson/Kershaw models I examined had good lock-up whether frame or liner secured.  For the black coated blades, I found the finish properly applied and even.  Pocket clips and the left side blade have the Emerson skull. Emerson Knives is lettered on this left side, while Kershaw gets the logo on the right side of the blade.  The blade steel for all the knives is 8Cr14MoV (so we can guess country of origin).

Emerson/Kershaw locksEmerson/Kershaw closedI noticed that the 2014 Kershaw catalogue steered clear of one word:  Ernest.  I surmise that though Mr. Emerson had a role in the design of the knives, it may not all have been done on his actual drawing board.   Regardless of sole authorship by Mr. Emerson or that of his “design house,” the concepts that made his knives stand out are still present.

Emerson/Kershaw folding knifeKershaw rep Anna Sciscente said the MSRP for all the knives would be between $49.99 and $59.99.  She said the knives will be shipping at the end of the 2nd Quarter or beginning of the 3rd Quarter of 2014.

Yeah, these knives are made off shore, but the low price points puts them in the hands of us mere mortals.  Some folks also do not wish to subject a $200 production knife, much less a $1,000 custom, to their mundane chores.  I think the Emerson/Kershaw collaboration knives will find an eager audience.

by Wilson

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