Spyderco and Kahr Arms Collaborate on a Delica4

Spyderco Kahr Delica

Kahr Arms and Spyderco Knives have come up with a variation of the Delica4 that both Kahr owners and certain defensive knife practitioners will find attractive.  We all know the Delica4 is Spyderco’s latest iteration of their venerable cutting platform.  It features bi-directional textured FRN scales over skeletonized stainless steel liners.  The Boye-detented back lock secures a saber ground VG-10 blade.

What makes the Kahr model exciting is the Wharncliffe-style blade style that those with sharp memories will instantly recognize as the blade shape employed by Martial Blade Concepts founder Michael Janich for his signature custom Enduras.  This knife is found on Janich’s Stay Safe Media website, though currently out of stock.  Janich hand ground the blade modifications himself on these knives.

spyderco janichThe Kahr Delica4 shortens the knife’s blade down to 2.5″ from the 2.875″ of the original. This is done to make the knife legal for carry in more restrictive jurisdictions.  Jimping is removed from the thumb ramp at the hump of the blade, ostensibly to make it more “friendly” to the human pollex.

Adding to the carry-friendly capabilities of the Kahr are scale colors to match your pants:  black, khaki, and denim blue.  All the hardware of the knife is finished in an even non-reflective stonewash.

Kahr Arms and its distributors will be selling this knife.  It is available for pre-order on Kahr’s website for $99.00.  The target date for release is May.

by Wilson

Update:  In response to comments I made on Spydercoforums.com, Mr. Glesser replied that Michael Janich did indeed have input into the Kahr Delica4’s design.

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