What’s In Your Knife Pocket?

Shempp and Bradley at SpydercoI wandered up to the Spyderco Booth at the SHOT Show 2013.  I was able to spend quite a while talking to master knife makers Ed Schempp and Gayle Bradley.  Both of these men are stellar personalites in the knife world and custom collaborators with Spyderco.

I was taken with how personable and folksy these guys were.  We talked about knife making, their contributions to Spyderco, and their desire to continue their relationship with Mr. Sal Glesser.  There were a ton of soon-to-be-produced models and design prototypes in two large glass cases in front of us.  Media or not, I was not allowed to take photos.  Pictures taken today are cheap knockoffs tomorrow, they said apologetically.

Out of the blue, I asked them what knives they had in their pockets.  Mr. Schempp produced his Persian 2 from his right pants pocket.  Mr. Bradley was carrying his Spyderco namesake model.  They graciously posed for a photo. At last year’s SHOT Show, I spoke to Spyderco owner Sal Glesser for nearly half an hour.  He was equally as down-to-earth.

After a couple of firm handshakes with Mr. Schempp and Mr. Bradley, I left the booth with a big smile.

by Wilson

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