Glenmorangie 18 Review

IMG_0798Some of my co-workers came into the “cube farm” the other day and gave me some Christmas presents.  Apparently I am not a total ass as a boss.  The larger package gurgled, so I begged off and told them I’d open that one at home (non-permissive environment). The second box contained four nice Waterford tumblers.  Sweet.

Back at home when the red wrappings came off the first present, I felt my workers must really, really like me:  18 year old Glenmorangie!  I like scotch whisky, but I have never had this one.  The suspected ringleader of the guys had told me that it was his favorite, so there you go.

IMG_0790I am no gastronomical connoisseur of fine single malt scotch whiskies.  I do know what I think tastes good to me.  So here are my thoughts on the Glenmorangie 18.

Nose–Citrusy and smart

Palate–Honey, oak, apricots

Finish–Long, lingering, and tingly

From Glenmorangie:  “The 18 Years Old is a single malt Scotch whisky of serious distinction. Once it has spent fifteen years maturing in American white oak casks approximately 30% is transferred into Spanish Oloroso casks to spend a further three years maturing. Then, when both elements have reached 18 years, we blend them back together to create a whisky with a rich bouquet and full, rounded flavour.”  A bottle of the GM 18 will set your credit card back about a hundred dollars.

I found this 18 to be exceptionally smooth and enjoyable.  While I don’t mind less refined, and sometimes harsh, 12 year old single malts, a good whisky like the Glenmorangie 18 makes me feel special–which is what my workmates had in mind!

by Wilson

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