What’s In Your Knife Pocket? Part π

CRKT Brian TigheBoy, I was really having some fun with the “What’s In Your Knife Pocket?” game at SHOT Show 2013.  And then it happened.  I was at the Columbia River Knife and Tool booth photographing a new James Williams Otanashi Noh Ken, when I was able to harass converse with another knife making giant, Canadian Brian Tighe.  I moved in for the kill and posed my interrogatory.  And he said, “I’m not carrying one.”  The room kind of spun.

Mr. Tighe explained that he doesn’t normally bring knives with him to trade shows such as SHOT Show.  He usually pockets a CRKT booth knife when he arrives.  I had caught him in a bladeless moment.

Despite my deflated hero-worship (not really), I had a wonderful talk with him.  All these guys are great ambassadors of the knife making craft.  During these shows, they endure constant waves of human curiosity and remain open and personable.  I appreciate their patience.  It made playing my little game this year a pleasure.

by Wilson

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