TAG Heuer 1000 Professional Dive Watch

TAG Heuer 1000 ProfessionalFor some strange reason, the desire struck me to buy an old watch.  I own a TAG Heuer Aquaracer 2000 that my wife purchased for me around 2006.  I love that watch’s blue dial and brushed and polished case and bracelet.  But for just knocking about, I wanted a used watch that already had a mysterious history and a few scuffs.

Off I went to an online website to search for something that had the right balance between low cost and high quality.  It is not an easy continuum on which to teeter.  Based upon previous satisfaction, I settled on finding a watch by Heuer or TAG Heuer.

Swiss watchmaker Edouard Heuer (HOY’-er) founded Heuer Watchmaking, Inc. in 1860.  The company made chronographs, pulsometers, dashboard timers, and watches.  Heuer was bought by Techniques d’Avant Garde in 1985.  Pre-1985 watches read Heuer on the dial, while post-1985 watches read TAG Heuer.   I think they make great timepieces.

My horological hunt was not easy, because as the price drops, the condition of the watch does, too.  I did not want to spend more than about $300.00.  This really made things difficult.  Buying any watch online is a gamble, but I was prepared for either pride of ownership or buyer’s remorse.

I found a pre-owned TAG Heuer 1000 Professional for just $299.00.  The seller seemed legit, so I bought it.  Then came the agonizing wait to see if I had won or lost at the game.  The Priority Mail envelope eventually arrived with good luck and a good watch within.

Of prime importance, the watch was a functional timepiece.  The hands, date, bezel, and bracelet operated as they should.  I checked it against the U.S. Naval Observatory Master Clock for several days and found the 1000 to be +/- about 5 seconds per solar cycle.  I can live with that.

The TAG Heuer 1000 Professional is a mid-sized 200m dive watch with a 38mm case and 18mm bracelet.  It was made from 1985 until around 1992, when the 1000 was discontinued.  I acquired model 980.020N, which is a two-tone gold and silver colored variant.  The 18K gold adorning certain of the band’s links has worn off this specimen, but the gold accents in the bezel, hands, and crown is still intact.

IMG_0764 IMG_0760 IMG_1668 IMG_0759The TAG’s condition is fair.  My crystal has a few scratches.  The dial’s face has faded to a charcoal color from the original black.  A few nicks grace the case and band.  The lume is a tad dim.  But I absolutely love it.

This watch is nearing its thirtieth birthday.  In my mind, it has a history.  Did it scuba dive in exotic locales?  Or was it proudly worn in a boardroom under a silk shirt and expensive suit?  Where did it travel?  It did not stay in a drawer or watch box, since it evidences signs of moderate use.

IMG_1673I would never really want to know this 1000’s true story.  I want to use my imagination.  In this watch, I see all my own versions of its past life.  Just wearing this worn TAG Heuer 1000 brings me a pleasant feeling of nostalgia and a smile.

by Wilson

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18 Responses to TAG Heuer 1000 Professional Dive Watch

  1. P. says:

    Nice review! I’m a watch FREAK but i’m stuck to the lower end watches 😦 still nice to dream!


  2. john yeste says:

    I have a heuer 980.006, with a bezel that appears from your model watch. Could you possibly photograph the inside view of your bezel? My email is johnyeste@yahoo.com


  3. gaby says:

    i enjoyed the article .
    i also like old classic watches with hystory behind..
    yesterday i purchased an identical one in ebay for 255 $. looks great in the screen ,hope it will be alike when it comes.


    • Wilson says:

      I hope you enjoy yours as well, gaby. I wear mine about 80% of the time. Makes me smile when I check the time. It is a little beat up, but that gives it a rugged appearance!



  4. gaby says:

    and may i say , you write like a good author . are you a professional , mr wilson?


  5. gaby says:

    I received my tag heuer professional from ebay.
    it looks great all in gold ,and in good condition but looks like a piece of history was witnessed by .
    it has a dedication saying ” courine love 1990″.
    and my imagination goes wondering : who was courine ? who was her lover ? and how and why this love came to an end .
    dont think ill ever find out . but this is the fun of buying a vintage watch.
    ill take it to a dive next week in eilat (red sea).
    and think some more about corrine …


  6. Winston says:

    Interesting commentary on your older Tag Heuer men’s 1000 Professional Diver watch (model 980020N). I bought mine new at a Costco in San Diego, CA, back when they first were sold new in America. I recall paying $225 (or so) in about 1989. My watch has travelled with me across America to Hawaii, Mexico, and Bahamas where I snorkeled in it with comfort and surety of its functional operation.
    Although I call my Tag the “poor man’s Rolex”, it is my preferred daily wear time piece…even though I own a Rolex my wife gave to me on our first wedding anniversary. I called Tag Heuer (U.S.A.) today ironically just to see why the newer Tags no longer have the “Mercedes Benz” appearing logo on the hour hand. They game no reason other than styles change with time. They had no remark as to the similarity in that little hour hand icon with Mercedes Benz.
    A while back a retail jewerly company who sold Tags told me the watch today would sell for over $1250, and that was several years ago. So, this out of production Tag does, in good working condition, increase in value. My watch still has it’s orignial look with black dial, gold trimmings, even on the band, but minor scratch on the sapphire crystal. Perhaps my watch’s very good condition is due to my owning several watches which I switch out periodically for casual to more formal and business dress occasions.
    Thanks for your excellent commentary and photos of your watch. Proud Tag Heuer watch owner in Idaho.


  7. Jeff Connell says:

    Hello Mr. Wilson. I came across your article via a Google search while researching this exact watch to purchase on ebay. I just received it today and was trying to find out if it was authentic. It looks exactly like yours in every detail. There’s a very small number etched in the band where it attaches to the watch. The numbers are 202/4. Everything else checks out with what I’ve read on how to spot a fake. The only thing I noticed is it seems fairly light in weight compared to my Citizen Eco Drives. I’m thinking (and hoping) it’s real – any thoughts you may have would be greatly appreciated. Nontheless, I really enjoyed your story, and it got me pondering the history of this piece. Thank You. Jeff Connell


    • Wilson says:

      Jeff, from what you wrote, it sounds like you have the real deal. The 1000 Professional is a lightweight watch, owing somewhat to its small size. I hope you enjoy wearing yours as much as I do. Thanks for reading BBB.



  8. Mike Lee says:

    Awesome. I have a solid Black and Gold TAG Heuer 1000 Professional Dive Watch #980.029B. I bought it new from a shop in south Fl. In 1986 I believe. The two tone black and gold was beautiful. Over time after a lot of use the black wore off in places. I still have it , but I’m looking for an original black and gold band.


  9. Paul D'Angelo says:

    I enjoy your website very much. Just wanted to give you some insight into why your Tag 1000 has scratches in its crystal. The tag 1000 has mineral crystal not sapphire as you noted. I owned one years ago with a deep red dial and bezel. I have had many other watches since then.


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