How to Select a Tactical Knife by Knifehog?


Seriously dumbed down.  Please do better research than this if you must, I implore you!  Friends don’t let friends use infographics.

by Wilson


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New Maxpedition Fixed Blade Knives

Maxpedition Fixed Blades Tim Tang founded Maxpedition Hard Use Gear in his parents’ garage after dropping out of med school in 2003.  The Los Angeles company began designing, contracting, and selling nylon everyday carry equipment such as backpacks, bags, and accessories.  Tang has said that he has always been a “knife guy” and knew he wanted Maxpedition to eventually reflect that.

At SHOT Show 2014, Maxpedition displayed some of their existing folder and future fixed blade offerings.  Following SHOT, Maxpedition followed through with information on their line of D2 fixed blade knives.  Here are some photographs and copy from their press release.

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Hogue EX-F03 Neck Knives Have Arrived

imageThe Hogue EX-F03 is available at some outlets now.  I saw the hawkbill on a site for about $60.00.  I first viewed the prototypes for these knives at last year’s Blade Show.  These production models have the same basic profiles and construction as the ones I was able to hold.  One difference was that the protos had a really dark stonewashed or tumbled finish.  That made them striking.  I would love to see the particular treatment on future production EX-F03′s.  Below are the prototypes I photographed. Continue reading

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New Benchmade Stryker 904SB

Benchmade Stryker 904SB ReverseI could not wait to order the new 2014 Benchmade Stryker.  Since I have been wearing business casual of late, I decided to buy a Stryker 904SB because it was the “gentleman’s folder” of the line.  USPS kindly delivered on time and I was made very happy on the anniversary of my birth.  I talked about the Benchmade/Elishewitz Stryker’s lineage in a previous post, so here are my impressions of the latest version and its comparison to the original 905 Stryker.

I slid open the butterfly-adorned black Benchmade box and smiled that the 904 was enveloped in a microfiber cloth bag with drawstring.  When I shimmied the knife out, it was more like meeting a new friend than revisiting an old one.  The 904′s handle shape is somewhat edited from that of the 905.

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Spyderco Amsterdam Meet 2014

Spyderco ARKEach year, I look forward to coverage of the Spyderco Amsterdam Meet by Wouter, known as Mr. Blonde on Spyderco Forums.  He is web-published as  Sal and Eric Glesser and the crew make the annual journey to the Netherlands, where prototypes are revealed.

Wouter has high quality photographs and commentary of Golden, CO’s latest. Click on the hyperlink above and visit his site over the next few weeks. You will not be disappointed.  The proto for Spyderco’s ARK neck knife is up right now.

by Wilson

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Cold Steel’s Roach Belly Fixed Blade Knife

Cold Steel Roach BellyThe Roach Belly was an 18th Century knife pattern used by British, French, and Colonial American traders of that era.  Generally, the blade consisted of a straight-spine, acute point, and a pronounced curve, or belly, along the cutting edge.  Cold Steel Knives makes a really inexpensive modern version that cuts like mad.  Really!

I bought a Cold Steel Roach Belly for several reasons.  I liked its sleek fighter looks.  There is enough metal at the choil to act as a lower finger guard for serious work.  The $12.95 price meant I could take it on a trip to Zion without worrying about losing it from my luggage.  A 2.6 ounce weight made for extremely light carry in my hiking pack.

Roach Belly’s 4 1/2″ Krupps 4116 stainless steel blade can pass for a kitchen knife.  And I have used it as such.  The hollow grind has an effective edge geometry.  It cuts meat, veggies, or cardboard equally well.  A Rockwell hardness of 56-57 makes for ease of sharpening.

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Szanto Displays New Watches at SHOT Show

Szanto Display 2Once again this year, I had a chance to converse with Jennifer Leonard, the brand manager for Szanto Watches, at their SHOT Show booth.  The display had new designs by owner Barry C0hen which were in keeping with his vision of vintage timepieces “rediscovered.”  While all the watches you see here may not make it into production, they definitely show a progression from the first offerings from last year.

Szanto ChronometerMore photos after the break… Continue reading

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