DPx Gear’s Aculus Has a Sting

aculus_sandblasted_2_1DPx Gear has released a new folder whose handle is milled from a solid block of 6Al4V titanium.  Their new Aculus model is a handsome piece of machinery.  Aculus is derived from “aculeus,” the tip of a scorpion’s stinger.  The 3D texturing of the handle and the clip point blade are certainly reminiscent of that armored, stinging arthropod.

The Aculus is a collaboration between DPx Founder Robert Young Pelton and LionSTEEL owner Gianni Pauletta.   They conceived it as a gentleman’s folder with concealed carry potential.  The handle shape can be used for non-lethal pain compliance.  A deep carry clip and tungsten carbide glass breaker complete the Continue reading

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BLADE Show Patrons Scared by Zombie Tools

Zombie Tools bowieZombie Tools had by far the most interesting display booth at BLADE Show 2015.  Their wares were as distinctive as they were lethal.  Heck, they even had a little lounge for resting between sprints from the angry undead!  These guys from Missoula, Montana were just a bit off center–in a good way.

Zombie Tools’ knives are Made in the USA with home-sourced materials, down to the grommets on the kydex sheaths.  Carbon steels such as 5160, 5150, and 6150 are used as the basis for the pieces.  The finished blades are given a proprietary acid-washed finish that looks impressive.

Actually the sheer size of some of the knives/swords/choppers/axes was impressive.  Continue reading

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GD Skulls Dress Up Your Knife

GD Skulls PirateGenadijs Dmitrijevs handcrafts his GD Skulls with Old World skill.  Each skull bead is made in his Latvia, Russia workshop from 925 silver and bronze.  The designs are intricate and beautiful.  GD feels his mixture of the two metals, done with foundry production methods, gives contrast and uniqueness to his beads.  Agreed.

For his most complicated beads, he utilizes the services of a miniaturist sculptor to expedite the finishing process and keep costs down.  GD is quick to distinguish his works from those of big production facilities.  His 18 years of experience making jewelry lead to individual pieces of art. Continue reading

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Red Horse Knifeworks

Red Horse Knifeworks razorEdward Kim is the driving force and maker behind Red Horse Knifeworks.  He brought some incredible wares to BLADE Show 2015.  Kim is a martial arts practitioner and a former private security contractor.  These facets of his background give him inspiration for the designs.  But his eye for good lines truly makes his knives stand out.

Kim makes mid-tech knives that he hopes owners will actually employ in the field.  He kicked about words like aesthetics, usability, affordability.  As you can see, the results of the merging of these three concepts are beautiful blades.

Red Horse razor reverse Continue reading

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New Fox Knives FX520?

Fox Knives FX520Fox Knives had this beautiful “art knife” in their collection of new items for BLADE Show 2015.  It had a damascus blade and beautifully anodized aluminum handles.  It was so stunning, I forgot to ask for its description as I peered through the Canon while attempting to get adequate shots of such a nice product of Maniago, Italy.

It had a framelock with a bolted steel insert to assure blade lock-up.  It lacked either thumb studs or a flipper for deployment, but it had a long fuller in the upper quarter of the blade that could be used to open the blade with one hand.

When I did get to ask a booth rep about the steel and pattern in the damascus, he said it was Continue reading

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New Spyderco Para Military 3 Prototype


Para Mil 2, awaiting a little brother.

In the Spyderco booth at BLADE Show 2015, there was a knife labeled the Para Military 3, as in a “three-inch blade.”  It appeared to be a scaled down PM 2!  I am frankly partial to smaller EDC-carry knives.

They can perform daily chores, but in the hand of a trained martial artist can have definite defensive capabilities.  Think Delica.  Just what you need and none of what you don’t.  Bigger may be better, but when one’s EDC can dispatch some boxes or an apple, then deal with a mortal threat with the same tool, all is well.

If I was going to see the elephant, a large fixed blade would be appropriate.  A knife should fit your use and environment.  For most of us civilians, a small folding knife will suffice.  In Para Military guise, it should be very handy.

As usual, photography was forbidden at Spyderco’s prototype case.  I did not find out too much more about the Para Military 3 proto than this, so let’s see if a release date comes out.  I was told Sal, himself, was working on this project…

by Wilson

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My New Zero Tolerance Hinderer 0566CF Folder

imageIf you were following the BladeBarrelBezel.com Facebook page during the last few days, then you saw this photo.  I went to BLADE Show 2015 with an empty pocket.  I credit this to hurried packing, not a conscious agenda.  Because I “needed” a knife and I was at a knife show, it was akin to being hungry in a deli.  Salivation began.

At this time, I cannot afford a custom folder.  Hell, semi-custom was not really in the budget.  The currency in my wallet would have to suffice.  A bit less than $200.00 could be spent and still leave me enough to get home.  And time was growing short.  I had to be on I-75 in under an hour.  Fretting began. Continue reading

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