Devon Works Star Wars Watch

imageDevon Works, a design studio on Coruscant (okay, L.A.), has come out with a timepiece worthy of a Grand Moff.  Their Star Wars watch is an impressive piece of technology that will be available to the select few who possess enough Imperial credits to buy one.

Devon Works’ watch uses clever analog belts to display the time.  The nylon time belts, used in the hyperspace industry, are driven by four electric motors and regulated by an on-board CPU.  This machine has 350 individual components, largely bound together by the Force. Continue reading

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Seiko 5 Sports SNZF17 Sea Urchin Review

Seiko SNZF17 wrist largeThe Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner has a mystique all its own.  Since 1953, regardless of its reference number, the Submariner has commanded the attention of both professionals and poseurs.  I cannot afford one.  Fortunately, there are many solid homages to this classic divers’ watch.  I started hunting for an affordable replication, which I found in the Seiko 5 Sports SNZF17, or, informally, the Sea Urchin.

There were a few requisites to my search.  The budget would be less than $200.00.  While I would not actually be diving with the watch, I wanted it to be a decent quality timepiece with some water resistance.  Since I am drawn to the look of the Rolex, the new watch had to have a black dial, coin-edged bezel with the proper silver digits on a black background, and a rugged bracelet.

In trolling Internet sellers, I saw the Seiko Sea Urchin and immediately Continue reading

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Colonial’s Automatic Knives State Checklist

ColonialBlackieCollins2Colonial Knife Corp. has distributed a list of states where it is legal to possess switchblade and automatic knives (sometimes with restrictions).  Colonial has thrown some of their model numbers into the list–well, they did provide it!  The photo above is the Blackie Collins-designed model 103.

Knife Rights Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 that lobbies in statehouses for your legal rights to possess and carry knives.  They are mentioned by Colonial in the guide, and I suspect that is from where the information came.

My caution here is that it is incumbent upon you to research your own state’s laws to determine the legality of any weapon you might carry.  Colonial’s guide, and my reprinting of it here, does not constitute legal advice.  Enjoy.

by Wilson


Colonial Knives Guide to States Legal for Automatic knives:

As of September 1, 2015:  Alphabetical Listings of States where civilian possession of Switchblade/Automatic knives is legal with any limitations noted.

States where Knife Rights has enacted Knife Law Preemption are in Bold with Date.

States where Knife Rights has enacted Repeal of Switchblade Bans are Italics with Date or (Enactment Date).

*=Concealed Carry also legal


Alaska* 2013

Arizona*2010 (First in Nation)


California* (under 2 inches) perfect for the 102, 103, & 210

Connecticut* (with valid hunting or fishing license OR 1.5 inches and under)

Delaware* (possession requires CCW) weapons permit

Florida* (Concealed with CCW)

Continue reading

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Tesla Watch from ThinkGeek

Tesla Watch vacuum has imagined a perfect send up to the Steampunk movement with its Tesla Watch, inspired by turn-of-the-century Serbian American inventor/engineer/physicist Nikola Tesla (not the car company named for him).  This watch’s analog engine appearance is mesmerizing.

The Tesla’s main watch face, nestled in the distressed brass-looking case, is white with tasteful black numerals and indices.  Stylized hands mark the time.  A separate secondhand dial is placed at ten o’clock to the main dial.  The winding key, which rides in a slot of the leather band, adjusts the hour and minute hands.

Not including the two faux vacuum tubes or secondary dial, the Tesla Watch is large at about 41 mm in case diameter.  Overall height of this beast is 68.58 mm!  The width of the large leather band is 30.48 mm.  If you are willing to wear one, be Continue reading

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DPx Gear’s Aculus Has a Sting

aculus_sandblasted_2_1DPx Gear has released a new folder whose handle is milled from a solid block of 6Al4V titanium.  Their new Aculus model is a handsome piece of machinery.  Aculus is derived from “aculeus,” the tip of a scorpion’s stinger.  The 3D texturing of the handle and the clip point blade are certainly reminiscent of that armored, stinging arthropod.

The Aculus is a collaboration between DPx Founder Robert Young Pelton and LionSTEEL owner Gianni Pauletta.   They conceived it as a gentleman’s folder with concealed carry potential.  The handle shape can be used for non-lethal pain compliance.  A deep carry clip and tungsten carbide glass breaker complete the Continue reading

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BLADE Show Patrons Scared by Zombie Tools

Zombie Tools bowieZombie Tools had by far the most interesting display booth at BLADE Show 2015.  Their wares were as distinctive as they were lethal.  Heck, they even had a little lounge for resting between sprints from the angry undead!  These guys from Missoula, Montana were just a bit off center–in a good way.

Zombie Tools’ knives are Made in the USA with home-sourced materials, down to the grommets on the kydex sheaths.  Carbon steels such as 5160, 5150, and 6150 are used as the basis for the pieces.  The finished blades are given a proprietary acid-washed finish that looks impressive.

Actually the sheer size of some of the knives/swords/choppers/axes was impressive.  Continue reading

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GD Skulls Dress Up Your Knife

GD Skulls PirateGenadijs Dmitrijevs handcrafts his GD Skulls with Old World skill.  Each skull bead is made in his Latvia, Russia workshop from 925 silver and bronze.  The designs are intricate and beautiful.  GD feels his mixture of the two metals, done with foundry production methods, gives contrast and uniqueness to his beads.  Agreed.

For his most complicated beads, he utilizes the services of a miniaturist sculptor to expedite the finishing process and keep costs down.  GD is quick to distinguish his works from those of big production facilities.  His 18 years of experience making jewelry lead to individual pieces of art. Continue reading

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